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Track Listing Lyrics
01 - Do Not Do  
02 - Time To Grow Up  
03 - Gee and Al  
04 - So Easy  
05 - Nothing's Clear  
06 - Joker  
07 - 2 Many Times  
08 - Double Standard  
09 - Punk Ass  
10 - Hardway  
11 - Parking Space  
Bonus Tracks:  
12 - Say 2 Much  
13 - Kitchen Knife  
14 - Stab  
15 - Deceive  
16 - Negative Man  
17 - A Hazy Shade of Winter  

Line Up
Cam - Guitars/Vocals
Ben - Guitars/Vocals
Grant - Bass/Vocals
Charles - Drums

Produced and Engineered by Bill Stevenson & Stephen Egerton
Mastered by John Ruberto
Recorded at Sing Sing Studios, Richmond, Vic, March 1994

Release Date Region Label
April 25, 2012 Australia Pile of Sand
10/7 or 7/10 1997 Australia Shagpile (Re-Issue)
December 1996 Europe Burning Heart
September 1995 Japan Real Cool
September 1994 Australia Shagpile
  USA Shock US


- The back cover of the booklet insert on the original pressing displayed a photo of the band, including Charles. The Japanese, European and Australian Re-Issue all include a photo of the band with Ross.

- Joker, which originally appears on the Helium album You Can't Hold Me Down, was re-recorded for this album and does appear, however it is not listed on the first pressing artwork.

- The artwork (both front and back) for the Real Cool Japanese release was changed to the jars in the fridge, which was then also used for the Burning Heart European issue and Shagpile re-issues in Australia.

- The Real Cool release contains 4 bonus tracks - Say 2 Much, Kitchen Knife, Stab, and Deceive - all of which were previously released in Australia on the Time To Grow Up EP.

- Pile of Sand release contains the original album and includes six bonus tracks. All tracks 11 album tracks and the six bonus tracks have been remastered.

The artwork closely reproduces the orignal pressing and reinstates the baby in the jar cover art (front and back). The booklet includes lyrics to all album tracks including Joker (for the first time).

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Pile of Sand

Second Pressing
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Real Cool

Burning Heart



First Pressing
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Shock US