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Track Listing Lyrics
01 - Another Minute  
02 - Lights Out  
03 - Call To Arms  
04 - Outside In  
05 - Life Story  
06 - Same Problem  
07 - Blind Dog  
08 - She Doesn't Notice  
09 - Picture  
10 - Starting Over  
11 - Descendent  
12 - One More Chance  
13 - New Direction  

Line Up
Cam - Vocals/Guitar
Tom - Guitars/Vocals
Grant - Bass/Vocals
Shane - Drums


Release Date Region Label
September 12, 2005 Australia Shock
Unknown Japan Bullion


This self titled album is the result of a long and kinda painful process, one of losing your drummer, record label and leaving your management for no other reason than needing to feel like a real band again.

We hired a full time jam room, sound proofed it, bought the essentials (a P.A and a fridge), and got workin' on our first record with our new drummer Shane Wakker and a feeling we could make a really cool album with him.

Shortly after Shane joined the band we went away to Lorne for a couple days to write some songs, Shane brought his tiny little drum kit and set it up in the lounge and we jammed and wrote Outside In, Call To Arms, and Starting Over as well as a few bits and pieces for other stuff.

When we got back to Melb we jammed for almost a year not playing many shows and getting the feel of the songs tight and getting used to Wakker's groove. We got a friend of the band Phil Rose to help us with management and a new record deal with our first label Shock Records. We had Richard Stolz in mind the whole time to do the record.

Richard had been engineer on Plastic Skies and How It Works and he was keen to work on the songs with us and produce this thing. He gets killer drum sounds and makes me work really hard on vocals. He's always got what's best for the album in mind. We're all good mates with him, he knows this band pretty well and where we are coming from musically. He worked really hard on the record and he loves dim sims.

We've been demoing for this album for almost 3 years, before Jarchives came out we demoed about 6 songs with Ross on drums and just kept going hard until we recorded the album for real. We went through alot of songs in that time, the ones on the record are just the ones we all think rock the best.

We're really proud of this one, thats why it's self titled. Hopefully it puts focus on the tunes and we can do well enough to make another one soon. We want people to hear it... we wanna rock this stuff live.

See ya on the road.

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